Roman Baths at Berkeley Springs


Roman Baths
* Berkeley Springs, West Virginia *

Berkeley Springs West Virginia is noted for its special healing waters which the town is based around. In 1784 A Gentleman’s Bath House was built atop these springs which are now the Roman Bath House. It is one of the oldest structures in the state park. The original house had 5 bathing chambers that were 5′ x 18′ and accompanying dressing rooms, but this has been dwarfed through time. Not much is known of its history outside of a 1787 diary of James Rumsey. Others claim the house was built in 1815 or 1816. The baths currently are just heated “baths” or “pools” in a purported “Roman bath” style.

The baths are open to the public daily, and for a nominal fee, can be used for bathing from 10 am until 5 pm fed by naturally warm mineral waters coming out of the springs behind the building, with a heating adjustment up to 102 degrees where there are 9 5×9′ and 4′ deep tiled swimming baths in private rooms. These are rented by the half-hour for an individual, group, or couple. It was a nice road trip visit for a nice warm bath, but not like typical hot springs or competing bathhouses. The waters did feel magical and special. Rating: 3 stars out of 5.